I'll admit, I'm only two books into Harry Dresden... but I wouldn't say they are gender free books. Good lord, does Dresden ever stop sexualizing all the women around him? I know its supposed to be a very pulp noir style, but after a while you have to wonder about a guy that has been beaten near to a pulp and still… » 4/16/15 12:28pm Thursday 12:28pm

There's very, very little interpersonal drama on Face Off, compared with other sorts of reality shows. I think its mostly when they do team challenges, sometimes a team just won't work well together. But usually the contestants help each other out to a degree that I've never seen in any other show. They all genuinely… » 4/16/15 9:09am Thursday 9:09am

I'd like for it to be possible to take the sequence of a protein and predict its structure. I think its not going to be the sort of thing that we'll ever be 100% on, since there is always the possibility of some modifications going on to the real protein that scientists wouldn't know till they looked for it, but I… » 4/16/15 7:36am Thursday 7:36am

As I understand it, there are Syrian and Assyrian Christians who practice a different sort of Christianity from your Greek Orthodox/Roman Catholic/Coptic sort, though none of them is necessarily more ancient than the other, just that, when Christianity was first starting out, regional differences resulted in… » 4/15/15 12:09pm Wednesday 12:09pm

Same... I still don't have much use for a proper Kindle, but Overdrive lets me read library books on my desktop, phone, tablet, etc. Our local library's ebook selection isn't that great, but I feel pleased whenever I check out something I would have felt bad about actually buying. I love Hanna Hart's My Drunk… » 4/15/15 7:49am Wednesday 7:49am

Monster is just amazing... I just wish I had watched it all at once, instead of having to patiently wait for more to be released. They also did a really good job of capturing the sights and feel of that part of Europe.... I once took a train from Munich to Prague, and Tenma took the same train, and saw the same… » 4/14/15 4:16pm 4/14/15 4:16pm