Face melting Gods may not be more improbably than transdimesional aliens, but I think they are a bit more unique. Sci-fi plots like that are a dime a dozen, and the Ancient Aliens Teach Non Whites Stuff trope is problematic at best, though fortunately not dealt with too much in Crystal Skull. » 9/19/14 9:47am Friday 9:47am

The game from Reamde convinced me that this game had no chance of being a game I would want to play. Stephenson's idea of a world famous MMORPG had it being brutal to its players in a way that fell out of favor with Everquest. Smaller games like Eve still do the 'lose everything at death' and 'everything is free for… » 9/19/14 9:52am Friday 9:52am

Shared universes are fine, as long as they don't get so overstuffed with things that it becomes ridiculous. I'm kinda glad that MCU doesn't have Spiderman, FF and the X-men, just because it all ends up being too much. Would they even really need villains at that point, or would it just be Professor X getting into an… » 9/18/14 11:39am Thursday 11:39am

I guess it just depends on what 'darker' means. Sometimes darker means the superheroes kill people, and sometimes it just means thinking through the full implications of your various stories, and having them affect characters for a longer time. Justice League did some of this already, to its credit. » 9/18/14 8:30am Thursday 8:30am

If you are going to make a continuous universe, you need to dig deep. Ghostbusters was a fun movie, but if you're going to make a big universe out of it, its worth recognizing that the world would change dramatically if ghosts, psychics, and pagan gods were real. I think Dan Aykroyd is more interested in the fun… » 9/17/14 11:20am Wednesday 11:20am

I'd love to see not American Anime, but just American animation that has a more teen/adult audience in mind. I think that there are a lot of American and international sci-fi properties that are still just too fantastical to make into live action, but could be made into something richly animated. The Culture… » 9/17/14 8:27am Wednesday 8:27am

Those monuments are like fossils. They survived by very lucky accidents and were found by luck as well. Both of them could have easily been weathered away to nothing if the time wasn't right, or turned into gravel. They give us a peek into a particular moment, but they don't tell us everything about the environment. » 9/17/14 8:09am Wednesday 8:09am

I'm pretty much of the opinion that all into the past time travel would be a genocidal event, just because the chain of events leading to specific individuals is dependent on a lot of tiny events. If someone goes back and kills Hitler, sure, a lot of people wouldn't die in WWII (potentially), but so many people… » 9/16/14 10:44am 9/16/14 10:44am

I think that we need to not be afraid of teaching some of the overarching theories to smaller kids. Evolution should get brought out in grade school, rather than high school/college since a lot of biology's random quirks make much more sense in the context of it. I'm sure you could do similar stuff with most of the… » 9/16/14 8:02am 9/16/14 8:02am

I'd throw in the "Magic-Science or Magic-Magic Town" premise. Having a world where most of the super science or supernatural activity is specifically located in a single place, be it the town of Eureka, Haven, Eerie or Sunnydale, seems a common trope, probably for budgetary reasons, but it always leaves you to… » 9/12/14 10:35am 9/12/14 10:35am