Well, the Catholic Church has the same problem as the YEC does, really. It holds its own authority and dogma as being correct and divinely inspired (calling it Natural Law is a clear indication of this), and so they find it difficult to climb down from previous positions, because it calls into question the authority… » 10/20/14 9:36am Today 9:36am

The problem is, every other book written by Ebola scientists that I've read has said that Preston dramatically exaggerated symptoms. The idea of Ebola liquifying people is a myth. You do bleed, yes, but from what I've read, and the footage I've seen of Ebola suffers, you're not getting the kind of massive blood… » 10/20/14 7:26am Today 7:26am

Because they've done tests. 'Airborne' has a particular scientific meaning (particle size and distance) and Ebola does not travel in the size of particles that other airborne viruses do. Anything that makes big huge droplets might do it, like say if someone were to cough blood right in your face, you would get it,… » 10/15/14 4:45pm Wednesday 4:45pm

I'd love if a new Star Trek took the time to explore what normal people would do with their lives without Scarcity of the sort we deal with. Humans that didn't just achieve utopia, but were born and bred in it would probably have different priorities than we do, and I feel like Star Trek never really gave more than a… » 10/15/14 1:34pm Wednesday 1:34pm

I was going to mention him too... but I'm not sure if the intent is 'Authors who became worse' rather than 'authors who became weird'. Because OSC's later works did get weird, but it the actually characters became bigger Mary Sues, and the resolutions became more arbitrary plot magic. » 10/13/14 11:49am 10/13/14 11:49am

Its more that... if God were really serious about this, there are better ways to communicate that information (write it in the stars, give actual miracles to believers, etc). And, if all of that stuff turned out to be true, the solution isn't necessarily to follow that path... since it seems likely that God is… » 10/13/14 11:46am 10/13/14 11:46am

I think the big info you get from Nielson is that the viewer tells you what they are watching, specifically. A cable company can know that you're playing this show on a DVR, or maybe that you are watching this channel, but they don't know how many people are sitting there watching, vs cooking, or cleaning. Also, ad… » 10/10/14 2:08pm 10/10/14 2:08pm

The Prime Directive can be pretty creepy if you think about it. While it does prevent the Federation from mucking around with lesser civilizations, it also abdicates the Federation of any responsibility to use its *immense* resources to help people that are suffering, because until they develop warp technology,… » 10/10/14 9:49am 10/10/14 9:49am

This is pretty much why I yell at the TV every time one of those ads comes on asking kids to get interested in Math and Science, as if its just an issue of kids being turned of by it. But its more than that. No one is going to go into science if they can't get employment doing it, and many people are going to be… » 10/09/14 12:53pm 10/09/14 12:53pm

People did. I think the reason I saw bandied about is that it could grow by using nitrogen/CO2 in the air. After all, plants grow pretty big, and they mostly just use air as their source of mass. Though its a little weirder that its basically a roving, parasitic, penis shaped Tree. » 10/09/14 10:20am 10/09/14 10:20am

Not knowing everything doesn't imply that what we do know is completely wrong. There comes a point where you have to recognize that sometimes things are myths, and you can stop hunting for unicorns. If you were to find a unicorn, sure. But this study seems like its ripe to be torn apart by skeptical inquiries. » 10/09/14 9:20am 10/09/14 9:20am